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Honey Cocoa

This spiced hot cocoa combines cinnamon, honey and vanilla that’s sure to warm you up.

Orange Julius

Orange juice, honey and vanilla are the main in gredients in this creamy tart drink!

Honey of a Punch

Great summer drink! Honey provides the sweetness that balances the sour found in the lemon and cranberry.

Cranberry Fizz

This Cranberry Fizz is made with honey, cranberry and club soda. Refreshing and loved by children and adults.

Party Punch

This punch uses real fruit, ginger ale and honey for a smooth crisp taste.

Hot Honey Cider

This toasty autumn drink has some added flare with orange slices and honey.

Milk Shakes

Great for a hot day or a frosty dessert! Honey, frozen fruit and ice cream is a combination that never goes out of style.